Petitgrain Organic Essential Oil 0.5kg

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Latin Name: Citrus Aurantium var. AmaraPart of Plant Used: Leaves & TwigsSource: ParaguayExtraction Method: Steam DistillationPetitgrain Essential Oil is derived from the bitter orange tree, which has a long history of use in traditional health practices. Historically, Petitgrain essential oil has been used for cleaning purposes. Petitgrain is widely used in the perfume industry, giving body sprays, fragrances, lotions, and colognes a fresh, herbaceous note that is popular among both women and men. Petitgrain Oil possesses an aroma that is sweet, yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics. It blends especially well with citrus, floral, and wood oils. Petitgrain will boost feelings of joy and bravery when facing a challenge and help promote hope and calm.

Origin Paraguay
Net weight 0.625Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0.625Kg
Barcode 5056368306624
MSDS Petitgrain Oil Organic CLP SDS
MSDS Petitgrain Oil Organic IFRA Certificate
MSDS Petitgrain Oil Organic Allergen Declaration

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Weight 0.625 kg


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